LuckiiArts studio has been closed for some time now due to family medical issues. I'm sad to say that my Mom had a long fight with cancer that we lost. I am planning on re-openning my shop in a bit, but our family is taking care of all the details now and trying to get back into daily life again. I am listing only my curently made and ready to ship items for now. Covid 19 messing with the world, the USPS future seems to be up in the air lots of things happening. If you have any questions I can be reached by contact form on my website.

Hope everyone stays safe- wear a mask if you have to go out, but by all means- STAY HOME if you can!


If you are not familiar with the term Art-o-mat...allow me to fill you in.  

Art-o-mat machines are old cigarette vending machines that have been jazzed up and converted to vend art...YES- art!

You can learn all about it here and you can even look to see if there is a machine near you


♦ I currently paint small art blocks with lots of color and quirky critters and trees for the Art-o-mat.  So, go find yourself a machine and get a nifty piece of art for you and your friends!