Moose Illustration - original artwork Hooper

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This is Hooper, the Moose. While sketching Hooper -the idea struck me of a moose wearing one of those winter sweaters that people wear when it is cold (I live in south Florida...don't own a sweater) ...but then as I was doodling these little sweater designs the movie Jaws popped in my head...the line when they are all drinking in the cabin-waiting for the shark, comparing scars "You're wearing a sweater! I think this little moose has been dubbed "Hooper" ....because he IS wearing a sweater!

He is from my Animal Illustrations series. If you have a favorite animal that you would like illustrated- let me know and I will make you a very special drawing just for you!

Email me with questions, and I will get back to you asap!

Paper size: 7 x 10 inches

Image size: roughly 5.5 x 5 inches

Will fit in standard size mat and frames(not included)

I sign the front and date and sign the back of the artwork.

Art will be shipped to you in a sturdy board backed envelope or tube.

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