Frames for address tiles

This is an update to my original article about How to Attach My Tiles.

I get a few emails a week asking what sort of frame or holder can I put my tiles in. I understand why too- because it's hard to find something that is ready made to fit a wide range of tiles. There are so many different sizes of address numbers. I alone paint on 6x6, 4x4, 3x6 and I get it, it's complicated.

To make it a little easier on the frame seekers out there, I scoured Amazon looking for different size frames available to purchase. I hope this makes searching a little easier for anyone out there on the hunt. 

Amazon ready to order address frames:

NACH KA-OLD WORLD-4 House Address/Number Sign Plaque 

This frame fits 4 x 4 tiles. I paint 4 x 4 natural stone, travertine and slate that would fit into this frame.



Oak Wood Frame

This frame fits a single 6x6 tile, which is great if you only have 1 number in your address. 

BUT...this opens a door for thinking outside the box as far as frames go. Michaels Crafts Store sells make your own frame kits to fit special sizes. You could assemble your very own wood frame to fit your tiles :)

To make it even easier...I found stretcher bars on eBay. You need 4 bars to make a frame, just pick your sizes that you need and put them together. These sell for $0.99 each. Then you can paint your frame any color you like and silicone the tiles to the frame and hang it.



My favorite is by Earthtone: Amazon

It's a simple aluminum frame that has various sizes to fit all tile shapes.


If you'd like to read my How To Attach My Tiles piece, click here.  It will give you other options, not just frames, for hanging your new address numbers.  


As you can see, frames are hard to find in a particular size. If you happen to come accross some other frames, drop me an email and I'll add it to the list!









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