How to attach my tiles???

So... You just got some lovely new address tiles to dress up your home. They are bright and cheerful, and will make the front of your house a happy place! Now, how do you attach them to your house, or post, or tree??? Well, I am going to share a few ideas to help you achieve that task. Then you can enjoy your tiles and your newly jazzed up home!

First off- I do drill installation holes into my pre-painted tiles if requested. It's tough work, as most tiles I paint are through body porcelain. That translates to really difficult to drill through, and requires lots of strength- a bonus excersize for me! You can see the single hole drilled into these pretty Key West style tiles. This way you can just attach with a screw and you are done. Please remember though when using drills and screws and be gentle when tightening your screws...because if you really crank them, you risk cracking your pretty new tiles! So be forceful, but gentle!!!

Perfect example of tiles attached by screws onto a wood post- cute right!

Here is another one. They just put simple screws through my drilled holes and tada!!!!

Another idea might be to fix your tiles to a painted board or plaque (pictured above) A customer just mailed me this picture of her spiffy Zen tiles. She painted a ready cut plaque (any craft store or DIY store should carry these) and glued her tiles to the board. You can use liquid nails or a silicone adhesive (not caulking...look for the word adhesive on the package).

You can also use one of these adhesives to attach the tiles directly to your home. They usually take an hour to firm up...and 24 hours to attach permanently, but this is a fairly easy thing to do. I have used a little cardboard sleeve that I cover the tiles with- then tape over the cardboard to hold them in place while they dry!

*Never ever use duct tape to hold your tiles in place. Duct tape has a unique chemical mix that EATS anything you attach it too. Trust me, duct tape will eat all of the pretty off of your tiles!!!*

After your adhesive is can use clear caulk and go all the way around your tiles...making them permanent!  Tada!!!


Next idea might be to frame them. This was a make your own aluminum frame kit that a customer used to fit some 4 x 4 tiles. These are pretty neat and so easy to assemble. They come in all sizes and you can find them all over the web.

These are nice...and fit the 6 x 6 size I paint. They are by EARTHTONES and can be found on Amazon

You just have to measure your tiles and purchase the correct size! Nice right!!!

Instant frame for your address tiles!


Finally, you can get all kinds of fancy and have a custom frame made just for you.

Isn't this one pretty? The woman that hung these tiles had a neighbor that did ironwork. She had this frame made special for her home.

It's a pretty cool skill, working with iron and fire, creating sculptures and utility art! You can look for a local Blacksmith here or try googling local Blacksmith groups or teaching centers...and someone should be able to put you in contact with a very cool artist who would love to make you a custom frame for your tiles! Blacksmithing is on the rise in many communities.


I am sure there are oodles of other creative ways to hang your tiles, but these are just a few ideas of mine!

I wish you luck with your new tiles and whatever method you decide is right for your home.

Remember to re-seal your hand painted tiles once a year with a clear sealer. I use Rust-oleum Crystal Clear Enamel. It is non-yellowing and great for outdoor protection.

It is easy to reseal your tiles. Just wash them off with soap and water, let them completely dry- and spray re-seal. This will keep your tiles lovely and protected!

There you have it!

If you have recently spiced up your home with some tiles, send me a picture! I'd love to see them!





house address tiles

Hi .. wondering if you have heard or thought of this. My friends brought me some tiles from Mexico, three digits, with a lovely wrought iron (??) holder ... that you slip the numbers into it .. and they tinkle when I hold it up. Was wondering if I could hang this from a tree .. so that it would also act as a wind chime... because it does have a nice sound, and I'm wondering if this dual purpose could have been built into it and am looking around on line. My only reservation is that they could get smashed around in big winds... and only reason to not do it.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Grace

I have not ever heard of wind chimes like that. I would be cautious though, as the talavera tiles from Mexico are made of clay and though kiln fired, they chip easily. You could definitely hang the wrought iron holder on a tree...just be careful the tiles don't move around too much. They could fall out if they are too loose in the holder. I have a customer who lined the inside of their wrought iron holder with tooth picks to tighten the fit up! Best of Luck!

What a nice friend thinking of you like that! I hope you enjoy your tiles :)


nice post

nice post

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